Monday, December 26, 2016

Enrico Rava, Matthew Herbert and Giovanni Guidi London Jazz Festival Kings Place (Hall One) London England 17th November 2016 FM>Flac

17th November 2016

Source: BBC Radio 3 > 323kbps 48k HLS aac stream > ffmpeg > aac > Audition > FLAC
Recorded and processed by PsyKies

00. Al Ryan meets Enrico Rava [6:12]

01. Introduction [0:32]
02. Part One [29:38]
03. Part Two [28:43]

Enrico Rava, flugelhorn
Matthew Herbert, electronics
Hugh Jones, electronics
Giovanni Guidi, piano

Recorded at Kings Place, during the EFG London Jazz Festival, a concert by Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava, his countryman the virtuoso pianist Giovanni Guidi and, in their first ever UK collaboration, electronics wizard Matthew Herbert.

Recorded live off air from the original BBC Radio Three broadcast during Jazz Now on 21st November 2016. Source was the BBC HLS 323kbps 48kHz internet stream.

Audition was used to remove the announcer, move interview to start of show, lower audience by 6dB at start and 3db at end, boost overall levels by 8bB, track and convert to 44.1kHz. FLAC tags done using mp3tag and fingerprints generated using TLH.

6th December 2016


Andy said...

I'd be interested in checking this out. I love Enrico Rava. Thanks.

francisco santos said...

it's on DIME...if you want i can send you a link...

francisco santos said...!U8h02YJB!QFsU4ugoHLqkfmdgPcSgWt5yb-iv7zRh29pxcrFfqgo


Pino said...

Lovely sound and quite a venture for the always adventurous Rava! I'm not one who does torrenting, so many thanks to you Francisco, for posting a link. Much appreciated.

Andy said...

Many thanks fransisco for your efforts here. I agree with Pino. I'm usually averse to knob twiddlers and electro-acoustic improv. Here it is somehow more refreshing to have instrumentalists who play more figuratively that the usual 'free' abstraction, sound merchants. The soulfulness of Rava and Guido saves the day, and the electronics make it different. I enjoyed it. Thanks again.